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Drain Cleaner For Grease / Grease Dissolver

Grease Grenade | Grease Dissolver

Drain Cleaner For Grease – Grease Dissolver Grease build-up and solidification which causes pipe blockages in drainage lines is a common issue around the world. Many kitchens with long drainage lines to the grease pit will have experienced a grease blockage. When trying to clear a grease blockage this can be a difficult task and […]

How to remove concrete from drain pipes


How to remove concrete from drain pipes A very common question we hear each day is how to remove concrete from drain pipes? Yes this does happen and is a common problem in the construction and building game. Its actually a remarkably common and happens everyday. Clearing concrete from drain pipes? Croncrete, Floor Leveller, Tilers Grout, […]

Concrete Dissolver for Drains

Concrete Dissolver

Concrete Dissolver for Drains Drain’s and Drainpipes clogged with concrete, grout and other portland cement products is a very common issue in the building industries. Have you ever received a call from a client to unblock a shower or bathroom waste, arrived on-site with the thought it would be a simple job for your drain […]

Drain Cleaning Chains / Grinding Chains

Grinding Chains

Drain Cleaning Chains / Grinding Chains Drain Cleaning Chains are well known for cleaning scale, rust and lime from cast iron and steel pipes. They are a powerful and very effective tool for bringing these pipes back to their original state of glory. However the tools can also be used for removing debris or obstructions […]

Descale pipes in half the time it takes a Jetter with Sewerprep Chain Knockers

Drain Cleaning Chains

Drain Cleaning Chains for Pipeline Descaling Drain Cleaning Chains provide a very effective approach for any professional who’s service is to clean and descale drains. The specialist Drain Cleaning Tool is used to go down into the drainage system. A rotating head then scrapes away rough edges and left over mineral deposits leaving a smooth […]

A new beginning for Pipe Relining Cairns

Nuflow Cairns | Pipe Relining Cairns

A New Beginning For Pipe Relining Cairns A new beginning for our Pipe Relining Cairns venture. Nuflow Cairns – Pipe Relining Cairns is now in full operation and can offer cairns and surrounding suburbs with drain repairs, sewer repairs, sewer and drain un-blocking and no-dig pipe repair services. Offering structural pipe relining services, Nuflow Cairns […]

Finding a Drain Cleaning Specialist in your area

Blocked Drains Cairns

How to deal with Blocked Drains in your local area Having a blocked drain can be a frustrating and bothersome issue for your property. Common symptoms include your toilet isn’t flushing away waste fully, your basin fills up with water as you wash your hands and the sink holds water as the plug is released. […]