Concrete Dissolver for Drains

Concrete Dissolver

Concrete Dissolver for Drains

Drain’s and Drainpipes clogged with concrete, grout and other portland cement products is a very common issue in the building industries. Have you ever received a call from a client to unblock a shower or bathroom waste, arrived on-site with the thought it would be a simple job for your drain machine or water jetter only to find solid concrete in the the drain? You are not the only one to have had to deal with this very situation and try and find a solution.

One effective solution has been developed by Pipe Magic ® who deal with plumbers, pipe relining and drain clearing contractors supplying drain tools and equipment. Pipe magic have a solution called Croc Crete. Croc Crete was developed for the very purpose of being able to quickly dissolve and soften concrete or any portland cement product that has found it’s way into drain pipes. The liquid attacks only the portland cement componect of concrete and dissolves the solid, creating a mushy mess that can be easily cleared using water jetting or a wet/dry vac where this no down-stream access.

The concrete dissolver for drains product was developed on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia by Pipe Magic, Nuflow, and in conjunction with local plumbers who face similar issues every day of the week. With the development of the product now finalised and many success stories of the product saving the day for household drainage systems the Croc Crete product can be purchased directly through the pipe magic website in 5L, 10L and 20L containers.

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