Concrete Dissolver for Pipes

Concrete Dissolver

Croc Crete is a concrete dissolver solution for pipes and drainage lines that have been blocked with concrete and cement based products.

When cement, tile bedding, floor leveller, grouts are washed down a drainage line, the product is fresh and being poured and will run down the pipe prior to setting hard. More often than not the product will get stuck in a floor waste gully and set hard here with-out going any further. The cement and concrete substance can especially build up and settle on bends and corners and S and P trap floor waste gully’s.

Once the cement based product cures hard this will have an impact on the flow of the drainage pipe which will be either fully blocked with-out any flow or partially blocked which will impact the amount and quantity of flow for the drainage pipe.

This then leaves no choice but to unblock the drain and clear the problem fully by removing the hardened concrete or cement based substrate.

The best solution on the market to do fully remove the concrete blockage is a product called Croc Crete. The product is manufactured by Pipe Magic Australia and can be purchased directly through Pipe Magic or form the Croc Crete Australian website.

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