Descale pipes in half the time it takes a Jetter with Sewerprep Chain Knockers

Drain Cleaning Chains

Drain Cleaning Chains for Pipeline Descaling

Drain Cleaning Chains provide a very effective approach for any professional who’s service is to clean and descale drains.
The specialist Drain Cleaning Tool is used to go down into the drainage system. A rotating head then scrapes away rough edges and left over mineral deposits leaving a smooth surface, returning your drain to full flow capacity. Descaling is often needed in hard water areas too.

This Drain Cleaning Sleeve Connection Chain is great at removing fat and root blockages. The Cyclone or Circular Drain Cleaning Chains are often used in larger diameter pipes. The centrifugal force is evenly distributed inside the pipe so it will not bang the sides. The Drain Cleaning tools will easily remove hard materials, such as lead, lime build-up, tree roots and other debris left inside the pipe.

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