Drain Cleaner For Grease / Grease Dissolver

Grease Grenade | Grease Dissolver

Drain Cleaner For Grease – Grease Dissolver

Grease build-up and solidification which causes pipe blockages in drainage lines is a common issue around the world. Many kitchens with long drainage lines to the grease pit will have experienced a grease blockage.

When trying to clear a grease blockage this can be a difficult task and its important to use the best method and product to easily dissolve and penetrate the grease blockage.

A fantastic Drain Cleaner for Grease solution is called Grease Grenade. The product is manufactured by Pipe Magic in Queensland Australia.

The solution can be used on all FOG (Fats, oils and grease) and is also works well on all types of food and petroleum origin fats, grease, cellulose and soap scum that builds-up inside drainage pipes and caused blockages.

The solution is fast acting and once in contact with the FOG (Fats, oils and grease) blockage it will penetrate and liquidise in order to easily clear from the drainage pipe.

An ideal application of the product is by adding to a hydro-jetting or water jetter supply tank in the specified ratio. The solution is then passed through the water jetter to dissolve and clear the grease blockage. One of the solutions great features is once applied it is design to remain in contact with the internal pipe wall to offer a preventative maintenance solution.

You can see from the images below Grease Grenade when placed in a container of grease from a kitchen grease trap in comparison to only using water. With water the grease remains in clumps and does not liquefy. When in contact with Grease Grenade the grease easily liquefy’s.

Grease from Grease Pit in Water Only
Grease from Grease Pit Broken Down by Grease Grenade

Available from Pipe Magic.


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