Drain Cleaning Chains For Cables

Features of Chains: Drain Cleaning Chains for Cables can can connect directly onto your rotating Drain Cable. Drain Cleaning Chains for cables include solid carbide inserts brazed on the chain link to allow the tool to effectively clean rust and dirt out of the pipe. The tools are designed to match common pipe diameters without harming the pipe surface.

There are two different types of connections for the chain tool to the rotating Drain Cable. The cable can be put through the chain knocker and tightened using allen / grub screws or it can be connected using t-slot connectors.

Thickness of Chain: 3mm, 4mm or 5mm
Nbr. of Chains: Standard is 3 chains.
Drain Cable Size to connect to: 8mm, 10mm and 12mm cable connection.
Connection Type: Allen / Grub Screws, T-Slide connection

Pipe size Ø
Tools are designed to match the pipe size:

35-50 mm / 50-75 mm / 75-100 mm / 100-125 mm / 125-150 mm / 180-200 mm / 220-250 mm