Pipe Relining Sandpaper Tool

The Pipe Relining Sandpaper Tool comes with 4 Inserts. The Tool can be used in multiple pipe relining job scenarios.

After re-instatement or cutting of a lateral you can tidy the up the cut and smooth off the liner using the sand paper tool. Excess cured resin dags can also be easily cleaned up using the sand paper tool. Available are different size sandpapers, to match the pipe size you are working with.

  • Designed to hold four pieces of sandpaper for efficient sanding
  • Easy to attach, detach and replace the paper
  • Can be used with different sized sandpaper as required
  • Can be used with Picote Miller Machines

Models available:
Body diameter 20mm, body length 55mm. Connects directly to 8mm cable.
Body diameter 40mm, body length 110mm. Connects to cable with 14mm sleeve.

Pipe size Ø – Tools are designed to match common the pipe sizes:

  • 4″ (100mm)
  • 6″ (150mm)